Ticket bursaries (applications now closed)

Each and every year, Bristech keeps a number of tickets “to one side” in order to give away free tickets to those under-represented in tech.

This year was no exception and we invited those who consider themselves under-represented in tech to apply on trust. Meaning: we didn’t ask any questions, we just issued tickets to applicants (until they were all gone). And we will do the same again next year.

This is not sponsored by an external party and the costs are borne directly by Bristech since we believe it is the right thing to do. Not only does it give opportunity to those who may not be able to attend otherwise, but it also further diversifies our audience, which aligns well with our diversity goals.

We are not expecting any plaudits or praise for this effort. In fact, it is just done in the background with some (limited) coverage on Social Media. The point is this: diversity needs lots of small actions and this is just one of our initiatives to make our events more accessible, inclusive and diverse.