No such thing as a typical talk?

Bristech conference features talks from across the technical spectrum including techniques, tooling, programming languages, frameworks, digital ethics, soft skills/psychology, emerging technologies and process. For a flavour of last year’s event, please see the 2018 website.

To some degree the themes emerge from the curated speaker selection process and tend to reflect current trends in the industry. However, there is definitely no such thing as a “typical” talk. Informative? Sure. Entertaining? Maybe. Inspiring? We hope.

Through the talks and workshops, Bristech strives to build organically year-on-year; this year we will invite 18 speakers to deliver talks and some will morph into workshops.

Our speakers are chosen one of two ways. Firstly, we announce a small batch of “seed” speakers to set the tone of the conference.

This typically includes a keynote and one or two other speakers. This year we are delighted to welcome the following initial speakers:

Secondly, we follow a CFP process, whereby talks are submitted and then chosen based on merit.