Dylon Sivam & Rowan Smith - Delivering a large scale serverless project in an enterprise environment

SurfaceNet is the delivery project of the 3rd generation of the Meteorological network, utilising Serverless and IoT to create a platform capable of delivering 30 billion observations a month. We'll tell the story of how the Met Office and CACI have formed a close knit partnership that has spanned both company and geographical boundaries to extra the capability on time and in full.


About Dylon

Dylon is a Senior Software Engineer at CACI and has contributed to projects with a diverse range of software stacks.  He is particularly fascinated by all-things AWS and is currently leading the development of the next generation weather observations platform for the Met Office.


About Rowan

With extensive experience of successfully delivering high-profile complex technical projects within both private and public sector, Rowan is a driven, highly competent and solution-focused Solutions Technical Architect.

In addition to being a dedicated technologist, he is also a keen glider pilot. He is a trained instructor and has completed multiple solo cross-country flights of over 300 km and climbed as high as 19k feet in Wales.