Adam Harwood - Spatial interaction in XR

Humans have evolved to live in a three-dimensional world, and from birth we learn to manipulate the world around us with our hands. However, we interact with our most useful tools (computers) in a manner that's decidedly 2D. Now, technology is emerging that allows us to use these devices in a more natural and intuitive manner, but how will this work? What will it look like? This talk will cover the state of the art for human-computer interaction and the direction it's going, and look at some of the challenges to overcome.


About Adam

Adam is the Capabilities Team Lead at Ultraleap (formerly Ultrahaptics), the world's leading spatial interaction company. He is passionate about R&D, particularly in emerging tech such as XR. His background is in software engineering, with most of his career focused on using the Unity engine and C# to create interactive experiences.